SEER ~ Purple Themed Mala Making Kit

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Traditionally Malas have a knot between each bead, and it is said that with each knot made, you experience an unknotting within.

This beautiful, Purple themed, make your own Mala kit includes everything you will need to  knot your own Mala.

The Mala is made from sacred Rudraksha Seeds, and a selection of semi-precious stones & crystals, including

- Amethyst

- Orange and White Carnelian

- Rainbow Fluorite

- Purple Masham Jade

- Purple Agate

This kit is great for anyone who feels drawn to it, but has a focus on seeing clearly, opening to spiritual knowledge, and developing spiritual gifts.

Each kit comes with all of these extras included

~ Access to the online video course to show you how to make your Mala.

~ 4 design idea cards to download, so that you can choose how to put your beads together.

~ 1 month free membership to the Monthly Meditation Portal.

All of our Mala kits are 100% vegan, and ethically sourced.

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