imagine a space where people come together to grow & support each other while they meditate.

now imagine yourself part of it. . .






Who Is The Monthly Meditation hive For?

Monthly meditation guidance and support is great for anyone,!But The hive is specifically for you if… 

  • you have good intentions of creating a regular meditation practice, but end up falling into bad habits or find it hard to stick to long term.
  • you meditate regularly and would like to learn more about the different history and practices from around the world.
  • you’ve never meditated before and would like some support and guidance to get started.
  • you want to establish a positive spiritual routine and would enjoy some likeminded company along the journey.
  • you feel like you’ve ceilinged out and need some friendly motivation and support to move forward.
  • you want to ensure you are living to the best of your abilities during these strange times, and want to explore different meditative practices as part of that.
  • you want to connect with people on a similar journey to you.


What the monthly meditation hive offers

The hive brings you monthly meditation goodness in many shapes and forms, as well as lots of bonuses along the way, including…

  • weekly Monday Meditation recordings.
  • monthly group Meditation session, focussing on mantras and intentions.
  • 10% off all digital products from Lottie.
  • monthly Q & A sessions to learn more about the history and practice of mantra meditation.
  • First access and priority prices for all Lottie’s live events and trainings.
  • Full access to The Hive online forum, with regular additional content from Lottie for members only.

Without A Doubt There Has Never Been A More Important Time To Join The Hive

As the current events unfold around the globe, there’s never been a more important time to join together, to bring your intention, energy, and voice to the World.

Together we can impact on the collective energy and vibration, bringing greater consciousness and awareness to all, in a proactive and heartled way. Starting with ourselves.

It’s important to me that as many people as possible have access to The Hive, that’s one of the reasons membership is just £9/month, locked in for life.


I Invite you now to join us

What can you expect?

A monthly time to come together online to meditate 

This will be a guided meditation session, which will also include information and guidance on how to get the most out of your personal meditation sessions in-between.

A meditation to work with each week

Tapping in to the collective energy, and what’s going on in the world you’ll get a meditation each week to support you to bring focus, and clarity of intention where it’s needed most for part of your meditation practice through the week.

discount on courses and resources

Gain 10% off all digital products, courses and resources for the lifetime of your membership AND priority access & pricing  for all of Lottie’s events and retreats too.

sharing knowledge

What works for you, and what doesn’t – this is a great opportunity to ask questions in a safe space, to support your meditation practice.

connection is key

The Hive offers a great opportunity to connect with likeminded people on the same journey as you.  Share your knowledge, learn from others, and be a prt of creating a collective energy of truth and love around the globe.

Let This Year Be Your Time to get, and stay, meditating