Can You Wear Your Mala As Jewellery (Jewelry for my US readers)?

Well, the very simple answer to this one is no.  But, given the amount of times I get asked the question, alongside the amount of people I see wearing malas as jewellery at festivals and retreats, it’s probably not the answer you wanted to hear… So let’s take a better look at the rights and wrongs of wearing a mala as jewellery.


Slipping In To Ego


In India where the tradition of Japa Meditation and using a Mala as a spiritual tool really blossomed the idea of wearing a mala as jewellery was frowned upon.

The idea was that your Mala was a meditation aid, not something to bring attention to yourself, or to show wealth and stature in any way.  It would have been thought ‘bad taste’ to actively have your Mala on display.  So, with all the beautiful Malas we see nowadays, is there a way around this, that will still keep you out of ego?  Actually, there are a few solutions to this…

mala beads


Tuck It Away


If you want to wear your Mala as a necklace keep it tucked away under your top.  It will probably show that you’re wearing it, but won’t be drawing attention to it in an overt way.


Wrap It Around Your Wrist


Yogis and their students would have wrapped their Mala around their right wrist so that they always had it to hand, ready for meditation.  Half Malas can be good for this, as they can still be used during meditation, without being too ostentatious when around the wrist.  I also really like bespoke malas that have a few small beads rather than a traditional tassel for this.


Most Importantly. Use A Separate Mala


I don’t ever use the mala I use for meditation to wear as jewellery.  I have a couple I wear tucked under my top, but I would never use these for my spiritual practice.  If you need to for any reason then it would be important to cleanse the energy of the mala (I’ll write a post on how to do that) thoroughly before meditating with it.


Connection With Your Mala


If this leaves you with the dilemma that you might need another Mala, why not have a go at making yourself one?  Our Mala Making Kits include everything you need, and making your own creates a deep bond and intention with the Mala – great for if you want to meditate with it! But also great for if you want to wear it hidden away but have a good reason to pull it out and show others.  A Mala you’ve made makes a great tale to tell.


Malas As Jewellery


Don’t let this post leave you feeling disappointed if you usually wear your Mala as jewellery.  Knowledge is power, and now you know more about the traditions of carrying a Mala, and wearing it, you’ll be able to draw on that to bring energy and positivity to your meditation practice.  Try setting the intention of tapping in to the meditative energy of the ancient yogi when you use your mala, and see where it takes you.