Which Mantras Are Easy To Remember?


I get asked for Mantras that are good to work with all the time.

There are several mantras that are good ‘all-rounders’.  Good for assisting you to focus while connecting on a deeper level with self, the beloved, and a deeper level of peace.

My favourite is the Heart Sutra, (which you can download a free chant-a-long recording of here) but it can be difficult to remember until you have worked with it for a while, and it can also take some time to work 108 or more chants of the mantra which is not great if you have time restrictions for your meditation sessions.

Here are two other mantras which are both easier to remember, and take less time too – why not try them both, and let me know which is your favourite too?


om shanti


This is a beautiful mantra that is regularly worked with in a few different ways.  You could do 108 repititions of Om Shanti as it is, but it also often repeated as Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, as well as Om Shanti Om.

Let’s have a look at what it means…


 – Shanti

comes from the Sanskrit route SHAM meaning calm, or soothing.  Sometimes used as a salutation, it’s main focus is on peace; both on an inner and worldwide scale, and anything inbetween.

It’s great for when you are feeling anxious, when life is a bit hectic, or when circumstances in your area, or the world at large, feel troubled in some way. Enabling you to call in peace, and calm your body and mind.


 – Om


is actually a shortened version of AUM, and has the same meaning and intention, but is easier to chant with as it is just one syllable, rather than the three/four aum gives us.

It is thought to be the sound of the Universe, by chanting it you acknowledge your connection with it, with all living beings and the natural world.  It is bringing your vibration into harmony with all that is.



Hari Om


is another mantra that is easy to remember, and gives a great cosmic YES back to the Universe.

As well as the OM the same as with our first Mantra, this one brings a wonderful vibration through the word HARI.

 – Hari

has a literal Sanskrit translation of Lion, and is also a name for Lord Vishnu, the remover of wrongdoing from the Hindu Mythology in the Vishnu Sahasranama.  

It means to takeaway, and is closely linked with the removal of hardship, negativity, and self-imposed barriers and blocks, and is thought to assist with the movement of prana from one energy centre to the next.


 – Hari Om

The vibration this easy to remember mantra creates is also thought to activate all the chakras, which ten allows kundalini energy to move up through the kundalini energy channel. Removing any blocks that may be restricting both the full energy healing of the chakras and kundalini within the individual that is working with the mantra.


Remebering your mantras


The best way to remember any mantra that you want to work with, long or short, is to chant it. Regularly.

If you’d like some support to keep going on your meditation journey to help you show up for yourself, and learn more about the different mantras, what they mean, and what they can create, why not check out my monthly meditation hive.  And in the meantime, let me know what is your favourite mantra and why.