Creating beautiful, bespoke,

mala beads

Making it easy for you

to make your own

Enabling you to use them

to get,

and stay, meditating

Everything You Need

To Make Your Own Mala

Our Mala Making Kits contain everything you need to create your own Mala.

Access to our online Mala Making tutorials is included.

Enjoy one month free in our Online Japa Meditation Group.

Have A Bespoke Mala

Made Especially For You

We’ll start by having a chat about the intentions, colours, and rebalancing, that resonates with you.

A one-of-a-kind mala design will be agreed.

We’ll knot the Mala with intention and love, before it whisks it’s way to you.

Join Our Online Japa Chanting Meditation Group

Learn more about your Mala, and how to use it traditionally and effectively. 

Connect with a likeminded meditators and spiritual seekers.

Find out more about the mantras and their meanings, and enjoy practicing them together, where ever you are in the world.

take a look at our online resources. with a selection of free downloads to choose from each month

Enjoy our free articles and posts. 

Something for everyone, whether brand new to Mala Beads, or a seasoned meditator.

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Latest Articles and Tips For You

Kick back with a cuppa and enjoy the blog where there’s something for everyone whether you’re brand new to mala beads, or a seasoned meditator…

How to hold your mala

How to hold your mala

How to hold your mala Have you ever wondered if there's a right way, or indeed wrong way, to hold your mala.  In my recent post about how to sit when you meditate I touched on the fact that your mala should never dangle on the floor, but there's a bit more to how you...

How should you sit to meditate?

How should you sit to meditate?

the question literally everyone asks is how to sit to meditate Padmasana, more commonly known as The Lotus position, is of course the most well known meditation position.... but, with each foot placed right up against the opposite thigh, it's also one of the most...

2 easy to remember mantras

2 easy to remember mantras

Which Mantras Are Easy To Remember?   I get asked for Mantras that are good to work with all the time. There are several mantras that are good 'all-rounders'.  Good for assisting you to focus while connecting on a deeper level with self, the beloved, and a deeper...